Privacy Policy

CJ Dental Care Guideline for the Use of Personal Data

CJ Dental Care undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and securely kept. To ensure you are well informed of the personal data as collected, please read through this guideline.

1. Purpose of Collection and Guideline for Use of Personal Data

  1. CJ Dental Care will use personal data collected from data subject for the purposes for which it was collected.
  2. To provide personal data to CJ Dental Care is on voluntary basis. However, if you do not provide sufficient personal data, we may not be able to process your application or provide service to you.
  3. CJ Dental Care may use your personal data in future (name, telephone number, fax number, email and mailing addresses) for the purposes of providing you with information of CJ Dental Care, fundraising appeal, activities invitation as well as for feedback collection and Dental related follow up services / updated information purposes.
  4. Upon your request at any time and at no charge, we will cease to use your personal data for promotion purposes.
  5. CJ Dental Care will not, without your consent, provide your personal data to any third parties for purposes unrelated to CJ Dental Care and will not sell or transfer personal data to others.

2. Access to and Correction of Personal Data and Request for cessation of using Personal Data for Promotion Purposes

Apart from the exemptions provided under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you are entitled to access and correct your personal data held by the CJ Dental Care, and request us to cease to use your personal data for promotion purposes. However, it will not include the personal data deleted after the achievement of the purpose. To do so, you should make a written request to the following:

Name: CJ Dental Care

Fax: 2780 3700


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